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Background: Jazztech Music was formed by Eric Stein. He has a Ph.D. in business and is an educator, entrepreneur, and musician who plays alto and tenor sax. Jazztech is the springboard for his activities involving jazz music, from local gigs to organizational consulting.

Network: He has worked with players in the Phila-NY area including Lou Gagliardi, Dennis Szabo, Nick Alagna, Joel Kunreuther and others. He has studied with Tony Miceli, Larry McKenna, Don Braden, Joe Fortunato, Steve Giordano, Greg Fishman, and his father, pianist Lou Stein.

Consulting: Dr. Stein consults on ways to increase innovation, create aesthetic awareness, gain improvisational capacity and develop design proficiency.  His expertise includes leadership, knowledge management and MIS. For more information, email him



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Learn how to improvise in a jazz context. We link you you to jazz piano instruction books, sheet music, arrangements, and audio files written and performed by master jazz musicians.





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  We also help musicians and artists manage the business side of art.

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